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Watch Out for Plumbing Problems After a Hurricane

New Orleans is not a stranger to hurricanes…but a massive storm as we have faced impacts all of us in different ways. Hurricane-related plumbing problems can be expected, but what exactly should you be prepared for? And how should you prepare? After the hurricane,...

How To Turn Off Toilet Water Supply

When it comes to your bathroom, there is nothing worse than watching the water in your toilet rise up and over the bowl after you try and flush it. An overflowing toilet can cause a big problem very quickly. This is especially true for older toilets, as they have a...

How can Root Intrusion impact your plumbing?

Root intrusion is a very common reason for a sewer line backup. The good news is, if taken care of on a regular basis, your sewer will not be affected.  When left untreated, roots can cause major damage to pipes, resulting in cracking and the collapse of a sewer...

How Much Can a Water Leak Cost You?

Everyone knows leaks end up costing money. The real question is how much are you spending by letting leaks continue? Believe or not, each household wastes 10,000 gallons of water a year from accumulated leaks alone. Homes with severe leaks can waste 90 gallons or more...

How To Turn Off And Relight Your Water Heater

Your home depends on your hot water heater in order to allow you to shower, wash the dishes, and do laundry. These are all things you need to be able to do on a day to day basis. When the water heater in your home isn't working, knowing how to relight the pilot light...

Clean your drains with Total C

When hurricane season approaches, it is important to be prepared. Besides buying extra food and water in case you are unable to get to the store, it is important to make sure your plumbing is in order too. At Rooter Man our services prepare your home for whatever the...

Are you prepared for the storm?

In New Orleans, being prepared for hurricane season is something we have to do every year. Your plumbing should always be included in your preparation. Protecting your home means protecting your pipes. Our services prepare your plumbing for hurricane season and...


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