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Your plumbing extends from the inside of your home all the way into your yard. Cleaning your yard drain is just as important as maintaining the plumbing indoors. A yard drain requires regular maintenance for it to continue to work properly. 


What Does a Yard Drain Do?

A yard drain is designed to manage the water throughout your property. It prevents water from damaging the foundation and structure of your home by diverting it away. Just like the gutter system along your roof, yard drains can become clogged with debris, leaves and rocks. If the yard drain cannot carry water away due to clogs, that water poses a danger to your home. 


How to Clean a Yard Drain

One of the most effective ways to clean a yard drain is hydrojet drain cleaning. This is the best option for clearing dense and stubborn clogs, and making sure you do not miss anything. Hydrojet cleaning can prevent a burst pipe and expensive resulting damage. 


The jet itself is a flexible hose that allows easy access to any drain. During the cleaning process, highly pressurized water is used to remove any clogs or debris. Water pressure can also be adjusted accordingly.


Is Hydrojet Drain Cleaning Right for Me?

A hydrojet should always be used by an experienced professional. At Rooter Man, we take the time to inspect your yard drain and determine what water pressure to use. A simple inspection ensures we are using the right tools for the job and that we are solving your plumbing problem instead of making it worse. 


To have your plumbing inspected, or to learn more about our drain cleaning services, call the experts at Rooter Man today. You can spend less time worrying about your plumbing and more time enjoying your summer in your yard with friends and family. 


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