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Summer is here. When the weather gets hot, it is important to take the time to inspect your plumbing for certain weather related issues. Just like preparing your plumbing for the winter saves you money, the same is true for the summer season. We have put together some helpful tips on what to watch out for with your plumbing. 


Hot Water and Water Pressure

Checking the pressure on your water heater will help you prevent any serious issues. If you notice a low water pressure reading, there are a few things that could be the source of the problem: 

  1. Your water softener may need to be serviced
  2. There may be a malfunction is the valve that controls the water pressure
  3. Your water heater may need to be replaced if it 15 years old or older
  4. There may be a leak at the water connections where water flows into the water heater


Plumbing Leaks

Inspecting areas around your home for leaks is a great way to get ahead of any plumbing issues. You should look for leaks wherever you turn water on and off. These areas include: showers, sinks, and outdoor spigots. You can also inspect your washing machine hoses for possible leaks as well. Check your toilets to make sure they are not running. To find out if you have a leak in your toilet, add some food coloring to the water in the toilet bowl. If there is colored water around the base of your toilet, you most likely have a leak. Getting ahead of a leak is crucial because water can begin seeping into your flooring, walls and cabinets. This can cause major damage and mold. If you think you have found a leak and you are not sure how to fix it, do not hesitate to call a professional plumber. The amount of money you will need to invest in a small repair is nothing compared to major water damage to the structure of your home. 



There are certain things you can do to make sure your drains are working right. To begin with, drains should not be releasing foul smells. If your sink smells bad, begin by inspecting the strains. These are meant to keep debris and food out of your drain. When things get stuck, they begin to give off a bad smell. You should also have your drains and sinks cleaned regularly to prevent built up clogs and blockage. If a clog is small enough, you can pour hot water down your drain to clear any impediments. We recommended you stay away from using harsh drain chemicals because they can actually cause more damage to your pipes. 


Whether you need to schedule a regular maintenance inspection, or have an emergency repair, the professional plumbers at Rooter Man are here for you day or night. We provide reliable plumbing services at prices you can afford. Call us today for details


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