Governor Bobby Jindal Orders Homeowner Protections

I received the following newsletter in August from the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors. It is so important for homeowners to understand why they should use licensed contractors, plumbers, electricians etc. This new law will assist you as a homeowner to...

Why would your washing machine drain clog?

At Rooter Man we get all kinds of questions. So we’ll let our experienced technician, Cap, answer this one. Cap:  The biggest source of a clog from a washing machine is lint. Yes, lint. We see the lint that gets trapped in the dryer lint catcher, but there is no lint...

The not so glamorous reason your sink or bathtub drains clog?

This isn’t exactly pretty but it is a simple answer. A common ingredient in soap is oil. Also, our bodies produce skin oil. When soap, water, hair, dirt and body oil go down a drain, over time they cling to the sides of your drain pipes. Once the build-up closes, you...

Rooter Man Sewer Line Replacement

Rooter Man recently replaced a sewer line under a house in New Orleans.  You can see the corrosion built up around the sewer line. In the second set of pictures you can see where the line actually separated after the dirt was removed.  Rooter Man can repair sewer...

How to check your house for a water leak

At Rooter Man we have many customers call who have received a significantly higher water bill than usual.  Most customers are unaware that a leak is occurring somewhere in their home until the bill arrives.  We reassure them that we can help, but there are a few...

Rooter Man Can

Rooter Man can clean your yard drains and main sewer lines if they are holding water or draining slow, but it is important during hurricane season to keep your catch basins clear of debris.  If the catch basins in your neighborhood don’t drain properly if we receive...

Benefits of Newer Tankless Water Heaters Over Traditional Tank Types

Conventional storage tank water heaters have been used in commercial and residential applications since the early twentieth century. While most household electronics have taken great strides in terms of new technology and efficiency, the traditional tank water heater...


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