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The Fastest, Most Reliable Covington Plumber: Rooter Man

Rooter Man plumbing knows that customers in the Covington area need hard work done quickly and reliably. We pride ourselves on providing fast, dependable work to all of our customers, and that includes Covington residents. We bring a combination of experience,...

New Orleans Sewer Repair: Leave the Dirty Work to Rooter Man

Access to city sewers is an important part of every New Orleans resident's life. Backed up storm drains and sewage access near residential areas can lead to property damage. It can even constitute a health hazard as pools of standing water or sewage are left backed up...

The Visual: Video Inspections by Rooter Man

What is the best way to inspect pipes in a wall or underground?  With a camera that can be inserted into the pipe and run the length of that pipe, sending a picture back to a laptop or other viewing device in your home.  Rooter Man has video inspections available and...

The Plumbing Emergency: Determining When to Call a Professional

We have all had moments where we wondered if we needed to call a professional for help.  Plumbing problems are the same.  We wonder if we can investigate and find an easy solution, or if we should call a licensed plumber.  There are a few problems that can be fixed by...

Top Five Plumbing Problems: Avoiding Common DIY Mistakes

Everyone attempts projects on their own, but if you are going to DIY a plumbing project, make sure to avoid the most common mistakes.  Do your research to see if the project is something you should attempt considering your skills, and then proceed forward.  The most...

Leave it to Rooter Man

Whether it is a leaky faucet, the installation of a garbage disposal system, your toilet is always running, your washing machine hose pipes, or even re-piping your whole house, make sure you know that Rooter Man can help you with all of it. All of your plumbing pains...


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