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Emergency Plumber Available for Residential or Commercial Properties

It doesn’t matter if you are at home or at work, if there is a plumbing emergency, most folks do not want to think about it, much less tackle the trouble head on. Rooter Man will do the tackling for you. If you have a commercial problem or a residential need, both can...

Find Your Plumbing Problem With a Video Pipe Inspection

Everyone knows that plumbers can be expensive, so if inspecting with a video camera can save a few dollars, then by all means, that is the way to proceed. The services provided by Rooter Man include video pipe inspection, which can be very beneficial.   Video...

Plumber in New Orleans, Day or Night

Do you live in New Orleans? Do you have some plumbing issues, and are unsure of whom to call? Day or night, Rooter Man is available and can fix whatever plumbing need or problems you have.   Perhaps all you need is for a faucet to stop dripping in your guest...

What To Look For In a House’s Plumbing When Buying a Home

Buying a home is a huge investment in money and time. That is why it is so important to inspect every inch of the home and every aspect of the home so as to avoid costly problems later on.   Most home purchases require home inspections prior to closing, and...

When Do You Call A Plumber?

With so many do-it-yourself shows on TV and families looking to cut expenses, the question arises as to when it is time to call in a skilled professional plumber.   In an emergency, a good rule of thumb is if you have tried to unclog, unblock or stop a leak and...

How to Maintain Your Home’s Plumbing

To avoid the angst that comes when you run into plumbing problems in your home, it is wise to institute a maintenance plan. There are things that you can do to keep your plumbing functioning well, help lower repair costs and add more peace of mind.   The first...

How to Choose the Right Plumber

The maintenance of your home is one of the most important responsibilities you have. Our homes are not merely our castles, but they are a conglomerate of electrical wires, water pipes, walls, floors and ceilings.   In order to live in our castles, we need the...

How Much Does Water Heater Installation Cost?

You have probably noticed that the cost of using your current water heater has gone up repeatedly. You know you need to update your water heater, but you're probably wondering, what is the cost of installing a new water heater? Providing better energy efficiency at...


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