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Slab Leak Detection & Repair

Slab Leak

A home’s foundation slab is the most permanent part of the structure, and if you have recently learned about a slab leak, you may have had stressful thoughts of jackhammers and costly invoices rushing through your head.

Luckily, the professional team at Rooter Man has all the bases covered – with extensive experience in under-slab tunneling, slab leak, and we are able to make repairs to your sub-foundation plumbing system, so your home’s interior remains effectively untouched.

What Is Under-Slab Tunneling?

Under-slab tunneling is a groundbreaking technique that allows access to your home’s sub-foundation plumbing without needing to bust a hole in your floor. Tunnels are typically as long as required to reach your home’s underbelly for a serviceable area.

How long does it take to dig a tunnel?

Under-slab tunnels are typically dug by hand. Tunneling crew can dig around 5 to 8 feet per day, on average. A typical tunnel is 10 to 15 feet long and takes 2 to 3 days. In essence, this is dependent on the location of the plumbing leak and the size of the home.

Why Use Under-Slab Tunneling?

Tunnels eliminate the need to drill openings in your slab, remove carpet, rip through wood or tile flooring, or violate your home in any other way. You can stay in your house once it has been lifted using tunnels; you don’t have to dismantle furnishings or move out.

How Much Does Under-Slab Tunneling Cost?

As is the case with most in-home repairs, the cost will vary based on specific factors like the severity and amount of damage, location in reference to the floorplan, and other property-specific conditions. Under-slab tunneling is typically priced by the foot; hence the location is pivotal to pricing. The price per foot is an excellent place to start when making a cost estimation. Pricing will also be affected by the number of repairs as you factor in both tunneling and plumbing costs. The only way to determine an accurate cost estimate is to contact your New Orleans plumbing experts at Rooter Man

How Does Under-Slab Tunneling Work?

Once the plumber locates the problem area, the tunneling team begin the process:

Tunnel Digging

The crew will begin by digging straight down to get underneath the home’s foundation. A foundation footer runs along the bottom of the outer walls of the building, carrying the load to that side of the house and into the ground. To get all the way under that footer and to the other side of that first underground barrier, the vertical hole could be anywhere from 3 to 6 feet deep, depending on the age and location of the house. They will then dig vertically to get to your slab and horizontally afterward to reach the repair location with plenty of room for working and tools. We will pause at this point.

Repairing The Plumbing Problem

A plumber of your choice will then complete the fixes. A professional repair crew works closely with the plumber to ensure that schedules are met and that your project is completed quickly. Pressure testing is performed on the restored plumbing lines to ensure that everything is properly sealed and no more leaks occur.

Filling in the Tunnel

The tunneling crew will return to properly fill the tunnel, using both excavated and new dirt as necessary. This is where the expertise of a repair crew enters the equation.

Once the tunnel has been filled and covered, the final process is mud-pumping, which offers the most extensive support beneath your property. Mud-pumping involves forcing a blend of sifted water, topsoil, and Portland Cement under the slab. This final mud-pumping stage is critical for minimizing the possibility of future foundation movement and settlement or erosion due to the tunneling operation.

Under Slab & Tunnel Repair in New Orleans

Rooter Man has proudly serviced the plumbing and drain cleaning needs of New Orleans and the neighboring areas for over 40 years, and that is no happenstance. Our perpetual mission to serve our clientele with the most up-to-date technology, utmost professionalism, and outstanding warranties has catapulted us to the pinnacle of the industry’s service and repair rankings.

Rooter Man can take care of sewage or drain system repair from start to finish. We can pinpoint the problem with a video or smoke inspection of the drain line and provide a schematic and repair quote. Rooter Man covers all aspects of a tunnel repair, with excellent plumbers handling the plumbing. We use the most energy-efficient technology available, ensuring minimal downtime for our customers. Contact us now!


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