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Backflow Preventer in New Orleans

New Orleans Backflow Preventer Program

Most commercial businesses are required to have a backflow prevention device in place to protect the local water supply.  These devices prevent water from creeping back to the main water lines that provide potable and clean water. Businesses like restaurants, carwashes, laundromats, and hotels all depend on a clean water supply and backflow prevention to operate safely. Backflow prevention devices are also included on fire suppression systems and irrigation systems.

Rooter Man has been providing reliable plumbing service in the Greater New Orleans area and surrounding parishes for more than 45 years.  We have several licensed and knowledgeable plumbers certified to install, test and service backflow devices.  Whether you need service on your device, or a backflow device completely replaced Rooter Man is certified.   We are licensed for residential, commercial, and industrial backflow prevention devices.

Our licensed plumbers must be certified annually to maintain their backflow prevention license.  They attend continuing education and are up to date on all state codes for backflow devices.  By trusting a licensed Rooter Man Plumber, you know you will be fully compliant with state plumbing code so you can focus on what is important running your business.

The Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans is launching a program to ensure compliance with regulations to protect the city’s drinking water.  SWBNO will begin notifying business and residential customers to come into compliance with backflow prevention device inspections.

Rooter Man has been verified and approved by the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans to provide Backflow Inspection and service to businesses.  We have been fully engaged in the process and we have full knowledge of the code requirements in Orleans Parish.

Beginning in 2020 Orleans Parish has moved forward to implement inspection of all backflow devices in their parish.  This will be an ongoing process that is required. Reach out and schedule today for Rooter Man to inspect your backflow device at 504-262-8222.

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