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No one wants to step into a nice hot shower, only to have the hot water go out unexpectedly. There are several reasons you may be running out of hot water faster than usual. 


Common Reasons You Run Out Of Hot Water

  1. Too much hot water is required at once from several sources.
  2. A water heater that needs to be replaced due to age
  3. A broken thermostat in the water heater
  4. Sediment accumulation in the water heater tank.
  5. A damaged dip tube

Why Is My Hot Water Not Lasting?


Too much hot water is required at once from several sources:

You may have frozen water coming out of your shower if numerous hot water appliances are running at the same time and someone is using the kitchen sink or other sections of the house while you are taking a shower. Avoid using hot water equipment right before your shower since dishwashing machines and washing machines are the biggest users.

A water heater that needs to be replaced due to age:

Every appliance, including water heaters, has a shelf life. It’s possible that your water heater is too old if the hot water in your shower runs out rapidly and frequently. A water heater may last eight to twelve years on average. It’s time to replace your water heater if it’s ten years old or older.

A broken thermostat in the water heater:

Your water heater is equipped with a thermostat in addition to the rest of your house. Try resetting your water heater thermostat if you run out of hot water. Check to determine if your water heater is set at the incorrect temperature by raising the thermostat if the problem continues. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, speak with a plumber.

Sediment accumulation in the water heater tank:

Our water supply naturally accumulates sediment from loose minerals like rust and sand, which end up at the bottom of the water heater tank. But occasionally, sediment might occupy too much space, leaving less room for hot water. These minerals also act as insulation between the water in the tank and the heating element at its base. A specialist can drain your water heater and remove all of the silt to fix this problem.

A damaged dip tube:

To get heated, the dip tube forces the cold water in the water heater to flow toward the bottom of the tank. The cold water cannot be adequately heated if the dip tube is damaged because it will climb to the top of the tank. You could have a damaged dip tube that has to be changed if you find tiny fragments of plastic in the shower head, strainers, and filter screens of water appliances.


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