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There are certain DIY projects you can take on around your home that really do work and really do save you a lot of money. When it comes to your skinks, drains, pipes, and overall plumbing, a DIY fix is not always best for the long term. Aside from removing things like hair from a drain cover or perhaps replacing a simple component on your toilet, we suggest using our professional services in place of DIY cleaners. There are several reasons we use specific cleaners and why we always let our clients know that the chemical cleaners they buy in the store are not actually good for their plumbing system. 


Toxic Chemical Exposure 

If you have a substantial clog or back up in your plumbing system, a DIY cleaner is not going to do the trick. It may work temporarily, but the issue will keep coming back. This points to a larger issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Even if you create a DIY chemical, you can still be exposed to it in a dangerous way. When you pour a chemical down the drain, it can still linger in the air you are breathing. 


Making an Issue Worse

If you do not know the root cause of why your toilet, shower, or sink keeps clogging or backing up, sending down a DIY cleaner can actually make the problem worse. Pipes can leak, burst, or have a faulty connection. Instead of risking a much more costly fix, call our plumbers and request our camera inspection service. 


Pipe Damage

If you choose to forgo the DIY cleaner and use a drain cleaner from the store, you risk damaging your pipes. This is because many of these chemical cleaners contain high amounts of hydrochloric acid. This acid is very corrosive, so you can understand why this would make your plumbing problem worse. Chemical cleaners also interfere with the helpful bacteria in your septic tank, responsible for breaking down waist and preventing clogs. 


Finding the Real Problem 

Without the proper tools and experience, it is very difficult to determine the root of any plumbing problem and just how severe it is. Although a clog may not seem like a big issue, this is your plumbing system trying to warn you that something much bigger is taking place. To get the most accurate and effective diagnosis, talk to one of our certified plumbers at Rooter Man. We have several different methods to find out exactly what is going on and the best way to fix it. Don’t put up with a clog that keeps coming back. Ditch the DIY cleaners and call us today for long term, affordable solutions. 

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