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Let’s face it—drains are gross. Most of us will, at first, put off trying to figure out what’s clogging the tub or the kitchen sink. When we can no longer avoid it, we fight with the plunger and pour bottles of drain cleaner down the pipes in an attempt to eradicate the problem. The adventurous among us might even straighten out a wire coat hanger and try to remove the offending clog that way. But sooner or later, we will all be confronted with a drain problem that we just can’t resolve ourselves. When that happens and it’s time to call a plumber, your best bet is the Rooter Man in Kenner.


Rooter Man has been servicing Greater New Orleans and the Northshore area since 1975, providing the highest-quality technicians, longest warranties, and best service in the area. They guarantee that they’ll get your drain unclogged the same day you call, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial. From kitchen sinks and toilets to grease traps, drink machines, and even baptismal fonts, if it’s clogged, Rooter Man will fix it.


They offer a nifty service that you won’t find everywhere: video inspection of your home’s pipe system. Especially valuable if you’re purchasing a new home, this inspection can tell you about potential problems before they have the chance to become a reality.  The inspection could even locate an ongoing problem that you’ve never been able to resolve. It could be that roots from your beautiful magnolia tree have invaded your pipe system, or perhaps a previously tiny crack has expanded, and you now have a major leak or even a burst pipe.  Whatever’s down there, a video inspection will reveal it and Rooter Man will help you fix it. Rooter Man also provides under-slab, and even tunnel inspections; they dig a tunnel to inspect and repair the pipe, and then backfill the area afterward, using the most efficient equipment available to minimize disruptions to your home or business.


The technicians who provide all these services are experienced, and undergo ongoing weekly training.  They are professional in appearance, and respectful of both your time and your property.  Technicians arrive when they say they will, and they come prepared with shoe covers and portable carpets to protect your home while they work. You’ll get a full estimate before any work begins, and if you’re not thoroughly satisfied, Rooter Man will redo the work at no cost. That’s a New Orleans plumber deal you can’t beat, so call today.

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