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Looking for a residential plumber requires a certain amount of research, especially if you want someone reliable and reputable. With the varieties of companies to choose from, it can be overwhelming. However, there are several sure-fire ways to get the best plumber for your home needs.


One of the best resources is your immediate circle of friends, family members and neighbors. Chances are, everyone in this group has needed a plumber at one time or another and they can give you valuable information.


Look for someone local. Sometimes, the best plumbers are those who live in your area. They shop where you shop and are active members in your community. They often have a strong work ethic and integrity. This means they will have a solid reputation and will not take advantage of you.


You will need to decide if you need someone who does basic repairs, or a specialist. This can mean anything from a clogged drain or septic system, to remodeling or other types of construction. If you have constant emergencies, perhaps a basic repair plumber will suffice. If you want to undergo a different type of project, a specialist might be a better choice.


Verify their license and make sure they are certified. The license must be valid and current. Their public record is available for review; be sure to see how many, if any, complaints they have received.


The Better Business Bureau is an excellent place to start verifying complaints. You can also use another online resource, called Angie’s List. Thousands of consumers place their real-life experiences here.


Think about insurance and ask to see a copy of their level of coverage. It should include liability and worker’s compensation; this helps protect you in the event of an accident while they are performing a job at your home.


If your job requires permits, make sure the plumber you choose knows where to obtain them and make sure they are familiar with the city or town inspector’s department. Finally, ask about the warranty on the products they use. Never employ a plumber who fails to stand behind his work.


You need to have complete trust in the plumber you choose, and this includes follow-up if the work is not finished to your specifications. If you find, in a few months that the leak has returned or your drains still clog, they need to return without charging you extra.

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