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Buying a home is a huge investment in money and time. That is why it is so important to inspect every inch of the home and every aspect of the home so as to avoid costly problems later on.


Most home purchases require home inspections prior to closing, and hiring a professional plumber with the ability to check the water pipes behind the home’s walls with video equipment can give you an accurate assessment of the condition of the house’s plumbing.


Before you bring in a professional plumber, there are some things you can do yourself to check on the plumbing. Just be sure to make an appointment with the homeowner, bring a flashlight, and wear clothing that you don’t mind getting wet or dirty.


The first thing you can do is go to each toilet in the house and flush to make sure they empty and fill the right way. Be sure to feel behind the toilet for wet spots.


Then turn on each shower, especially the shower farthest from the main water line, to check the water pressure.


Make sure you look closely at each faucet to check for leaks, and don’t be afraid to open cabinets under sinks to see if there is any water leaking or hidden damage.


Check all the valves, especially the main valve, to see that they are in working order and not rusted or stuck in the open position.


Look at the water heater and see how high it is set. Look for rust or leaks,then check the sink’s hot water to see how hot the water is at the level it is set. This could tell you if the water heater will need to be replaced soon or needs to be replaced before purchase. It is also wise to know the size of the water heater and what the best size would be for that home.


When you have determined that you’ve found a property you would like to make an offer on, that is the time to hire a licensed plumber to check all the house’s fixtures, appliances, drains, sprinklers, sewer lines, water pipes and water main. This will ensure that you don’t encounter unforeseen repairs down the road.


A professional, like Rooter Man will have the ability to measure the house’s water usage, which will show leaks that are not evident to the naked eye. This could require a simple gasket replacement or faucet replacement, which can save you pricy repairs later on.

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