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Considering a commercial plumber? Make sure you complete your research first.


If you are in need of a commercial plumber to assist with issues in a facility, like a high school, hotel, shopping mall, Movie Theater, office building or other public building, your research must start soon. Commercial plumbers can be difficult to locate and schedule.


By definition, a commercial plumber knows how to accurately troubleshoot issues as well as provide long-term solutions to prevent problems from occurring again. They deal with large- scale problems with high demands. Often, commercial plumbers require a well-trained staff, with years of experience in the industry.


Their knowledge delves into the complex designs of a number of issues that also include pipe connections, which differ in commercial facilities as opposed to the simpler layout of a residential home.


Unlike residential plumbers that use word-of-mouth to get new customers, commercial plumbers rely on advertising. This means the best have at least 10 years in the business and enough clients to keep a steady stream of work coming in.


You can do an internet search for some of the top companies, like Roto Rooter, or go with a local company that is close to home like Rooter Man. However, you still need to make sure they are satisfying their customers by identifying the number of complaints logged on websites, like the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs.


Commercial plumbers generally have specific skills in subcategories too, including demolition and construction. They are more than capable of handling very large jobs and work alongside others in the construction field, like electricians and carpenters, to ensure each project meets the goal in a timely manner.


Commercial plumbers work as consultants in a variety of projects that require their input when reviewing blueprints and schematics to ensure the proper flow of water, sewage and heating. While many are more than familiar with hot water heaters, most work on boilers and storage tanks on a regular basis.


Since commercial plumbers are always extremely busy, it is very important that the one you choose is available for you and will not disappear once the project is complete. You need a company that you can reach during emergencies and who provides sound business solutions.


As you begin your research into commercial plumbers, make sure you ask as many questions as you can and review your contract thoroughly before any work begins. The owner must be able to accommodate your needs and if necessary, provide you with on-call options.

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