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We’re no strangers around here to emergency plumbing. Ever since someone had the bright idea to build this beautiful city at the mouth of a river and under sea level, this little corner of the planet has been subjected to every variety of drama water from the sky can deliver. So we know a thing or two about backed-up drains and flooded yards and kitchens and bathrooms.


But how much do you know about how to fix it? This probably seems counter intuitive to you, but in the middle of a plumbing emergency, try not to call a plumber right away—that’s right, not right away. When you’re panicking and desperate, you’re going to make hasty and possibly rash decisions. You’re going to call the first plumber who has a big ad in the phone book, and you’re going to pay him the equivalent of your holiday shopping budget to get him to come out. So what you should do first is turn off the water supply to the leak; if it’s a burst pipe, that will probably mean cutting off the water to the whole house. It’s drastic, but you’re not going to be able to think clearly until the water stops gushing.


Now that you’ve stopped the immediate water flow, you’ve bought yourself a little time, and now you can ask around. Ask friends and neighbors who they’ve trusted, although you should probably wait until morning. In the middle of the night, start with the Internet. There are many ratings sites now, including sites geared specifically toward home repair and construction. You’re looking for reputable plumbers with references from people who will vouch for their work.


With your preliminary list, check those reference sites and also check with the BBB to investigate ratings and look for complaints. If you’ve got some names you’re comfortable with and you’re ready to start calling, ask about their rates. Specifically, you’ll want to clarify if an hourly rate is based on the time actually at your house or the plumber’s travel time as well. An hourly rate may seem high but be based only on the number of hours it takes to do your job. Or confirm that a flat rate includes all materials as well as labor and time.


In Greater New Orleans, Rooter Man has been taking care of plumbing emergencies for over 37 years. With the latest technology, thoroughly trained technicians, and can’t-miss warranties, Rooter Man can handle your residential and commercial plumbing emergencies day or night, and their friendly expert techs will have you back on dry land in no time.

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