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New Orleans is not a stranger to hurricanes…but a massive storm as we have faced impacts all of us in different ways. Hurricane-related plumbing problems can be expected, but what exactly should you be prepared for? And how should you prepare?

After the hurricane, make sure to check for these common problems so you can get them remedied as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing one of these issues, quickly call a professional for help before the common plumbing problem turns into expensive damages. Common problems turn into damaging problems under extreme conditions like a hurricane. Pools of water turn into flooding, which causes appliance malfunctions, water leaks, and backups.

Water Heater Malfunction

In Louisiana, we’re no stranger to floods. One of the common plumbing problems you may experience as a result of a hurricane is water heater malfunction due to flooding.

If stormwater leaks into your water heater, your water heater will malfunction, and it will stop heating your water. If your water heater is submerged in water, you will need to replace the unit before using it again. Using a damaged water heater can lead to fires or cause the heater to explode.

Inspecting and repairing damaged water heaters can carry risks, especially if the water heater is in standing water. The best thing to do if you’re experiencing a plumbing problem such as this one is to call a professional.

Water Leaks

Perhaps the most common side-effect of hurricanes is leakage from pipes due to prolonged heavy rain and strong winds, both of which can cause stress on your pipes. You should check to see if your pipes are leaking after a hurricane.

You can do this easily by checking your water meter while no water is running in your home. If no water is running, the number on the meter should not be increasing. If the number on your meter is going up, you probably have a leak, and you should call a professional to inspect it as soon as possible.

Slow Toilet Drain

The combination of prolonged heavy rain and storm surges will likely back up your underground sewer lines. In addition, flooding can cause the lines to shift. These events do not allow the sewer lines to drain properly. To prevent this, make sure your sewage lines are not backed up before a hurricane. If your system does back up after a hurricane, call a professional.

Hurricane season is an uncertain time, but as a family owned and operated plumber that has serviced the Great New Orleans area for more than 40 years, Rooter Man has seen its fair share of plumbing problems after hurricanes. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to mediate your post-hurricane plumbing problems quickly and efficiently.

At Rooter Man, we started servicing sewer lines more than 40 years ago, and today we have the latest expertise and technology to get your lines operating after a hurricane hits. We video inspect your lines with a camera, then use high-pressure water jetting to remove any blockages. If your sewer line needs repair before or after a storm, we’ve got you covered. Contact Rooter Man if we can help you recover after the storm. Stay safe…be smart…and know we are here to support you and your family when you need it.

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