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What is the best way to inspect pipes in a wall or underground?  With a camera that can be inserted into the pipe and run the length of that pipe, sending a picture back to a laptop or other viewing device in your home.  Rooter Man has video inspections available and they are extremely convenient and useful.  Video pipe inspection is just one of the state of the art offerings from Rooter Man to stay on top of your plumbing needs in the New Orleans area.  Call them for details about video pipe inspections to completely understand the benefits.


Video pipe inspection is useful for many things, including saving money and time avoiding digging up yards or flooring to find a blockage or leak.  If you have ever had a leak under the floor or in a wall, you know it is not always found where the water is visible.  Many times, the water or sewage shows up far away from the actual break in the plumbing pipe.  Video inspections solve the problem of excess damage to find the source of the leak. Contact Rooter Man if you discover water or sewage leaking with no visible source and they will track it down easily with a camera in the pipe.


New construction is also assisted greatly with video pipe inspection.  This is especially true when pipes are placed under or within a slab.  Should the inspector need a second look or suspect a problem, video inspection can cure the problem without having to expose the whole pipe or destroy the newly laid concrete slab.


Commercial properties can benefit by video pipe inspection too.  In the situation of shared main sewer lines, a neighboring business may suffer from a clog that is not within their building.  Video pipe inspection can be used from any business that connects to that main sewage line and the problem can be traced without upset to the entire block of businesses or buildings.  Once the problem is located, specific shut off valves can be utilized to cause the least disruption in services.  This will keep customers happy and businesses running smoothly.  A winning proposition for all involved.


So, the benefits of video pipe inspection are fairly obvious.  You will avoid unnecessary destruction when attempting to find the plumbing problem and it will also be accomplished in a shorter time frame.  Rooter Man has the ability to assist you with video pipe inspection – just give them a call.

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