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Top Four Reasons Your Water Bill is High 

Is your water bill suddenly higher and you’re not sure why? Nobody likes to see another bill hike in the face of increased store and product costs. Aside from an increase in rate changes, there are reasons your water bill may be increasing. Here are four reasons for a high water bill: 

  1. Recent Changes in Your Water Usage

You might be surprised to learn that little adjustments to your water usage can have a big impact on your billing cycle. Things like having guests stay over adds to water usage. Even something as simple as taking care of a fish can make a difference in costs. Before inspecting for leaks, consider any changes in your home or garden.   

  1. Leaky Faucet, Toilet, or Plumbing Fixture

Every house will eventually have to cope with a leaky plumbing item. Your water cost may rise significantly if a dripping faucet, leaking toilet, or faulty shower head is ignored or undetected. Believe it or not, the EPA reports that the average American household has leaks that waste around 10,000 gallons of water annually. Our plumbers can do a thorough inspection for leaks in and around your home. 

  1. A Leaky Water Line 

All of the water in your house is carried via water lines. Since these pipes are frequently buried, you might not detect a leak in your main line right away, which could result in an unexpected increase in your water bill.

Water lines provide water from the main line to your fixtures and appliances within your house. Common causes of a high water bill include slow leaks. It may take some time for minor leaks under walls or ceilings to do any obvious damage, so as soon as you notice condensation or moist patches outside your pipes, give us a call. If it has been a while since your last plumbing inspection, you should schedule one ASAP. 

  1. Water Softening System is Running Nonstop 

If you have a malfunctioning water softening system, you may have to pay for ongoing regeneration cycles. If you hear the water softener running longer than normal, you should anticipate much greater water bill costs. Having it repaired can fix this issue and your bill. 

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