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Everyone attempts projects on their own, but if you are going to DIY a plumbing project, make sure to avoid the most common mistakes.  Do your research to see if the project is something you should attempt considering your skills, and then proceed forward.  The most common mistake is trying to rush through the job, so take your time preparing for the project and do not become hurried during the work.  Not allowing adequate time for pipe joints to dry or seals to become set will result in leaks or drips.  Of course you can always call Rooter Man for any plumbing needs and avoid all the mistakes.


The next mistake that is made during plumbing projects is using the wrong materials.  PVC is available in different grades and sizes and is not always suitable for home plumbing use.  Be certain you are using the correct materials and the correct size for the project.  Leaks or breaks in pipes will result if the wrong type is used and water pressure will be affected if the wrong size is used.  Either situation could result in water damage and will require a plumber to fix it properly, so be aware of your pipe needs.


Using the wrong tools is another mistake made in DIY plumbing projects.  Installing a toilet that sits uneven or is bolted improperly will eventually result in a flooded bathroom.  Calling a licensed plumber will assure the right tools are available and the proper technique is applied to the installation of all plumbing components.  Rooter Man is your best choice in the New Orleans area for help with any plumbing project.


Trying to be creative with pipe routes is also a mistake found by plumbers when diagnosing household pluming problems.  There are reasons for plumbing codes and regulations concerning distance between joints and using the most direct route to reach the main sewage line.  It may not be feasible to put an additional toilet in the basement of your home.   Please consult a professional before running a drain pipe up to join the guest bathroom on the second floor and then wondering why the toilet refuses to flush or remains clogged.


The last problem plumbers find after an unsuccessful DIY plumbing project is that of having done just enough to get the drip to stop, or rigging the plumbing problem for a temporary solution.  These shortcuts will cost you in the end.  Water damage is very expensive to fix so give Rooter Man a call and invest your money properly the first time

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