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At Rooter Man we utilize a pricing system referred to as StraightForward Pricing™.  This is also known as flat rate pricing.  Historically plumbers and other trade services charge for their work based on an hourly rate and the parts used.  This is the way most consumers assume they should collect estimates and quotes for plumbing and drain cleaning repairs.  Just call and ask for the hourly rate and find the plumber with the lowest hourly rate.  At Rooter Man we realized a long time ago that system just doesn’t encourage the best environment for the client.  We have spent many hours researching and consulting professionals in our industry to determine a better solution to the outdated hourly rate method.  At Rooter Man we quote our price before we begin the work to be sure you are comfortable with the price and if it works for your budget.  The following explains how and why a flat rate system benefits you the consumer.   

Flat rate is a price a customer pays for a specific job or task based on the amount of time deemed necessary to perform the service.  The price remains constant regardless of the actual time a particular technician needed to complete the job or task.  StraightForward Pricing™ used by Rooter Man provides a uniform pricing menu for the job or task and helps establish the worth of the performance of that service.  In this way the customer knows upfront what they will be investing in the repair.  Call Rooter Man for any plumbing or drain cleaning service 504-262-8222!

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