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Whenever you take a hot shower, condensation forms on walls, surfaces, and mirrors. This is normal and goes away with the aid of a fan and an open door. If you have noticed that your toilet has constant condensation no matter how long ago you took a shower, you have what is called a sweating toilet. This happens when the tank is cooler than the air in the room. Warm air comes into contact with the cold water inside the tank and forms condensation on the outside of your toilet. Now that you know the cause, we have six solutions for you. 

Fix a Sweating Toilet

Although condensation may not seem like a big deal, it can actually cause problems in your home. When left untreated a sweating toilet can dampen floors, causing potential mold, mildew and bacteria. You can avoid this health risk and the expenses that come with fixing it by taking these steps:

    1. New Tank: If you have an older toilet, it may not be insulated enough to stop condensation. By replacing the tank, this issue is easily solved.
    2. Running Toilet: If your toilet is running, it is more likely to sweat since it is constantly refilling with water. Stopping this will stop the condensation.
    3. Mixing Valve: You can install an anti-sweat valve on your toilet, which allows some hot water to mix with cold water. This is a great choice if you have easy access to your hot water line. If not, call a professional plumber to do this for you.
    4. Warmer Kit: You can purchase and install an insulation kit so you do not have to replace the toilet tank. Insulation kits balance water temperatures.
    5. Humidity: Combat the humidity in your bathroom by installing an effective bathroom fan. You can also leave the door open when you run hot water, allowing the room to stay cooler.
    6. New Toilet: Depending on the age and condition of your toilet, the easiest solution may be to simply replace it with a new one. You can opt for a new model with built-in insulation.

Although a sweaty toilet may not be as bad as a leak, it can still cause you problems. If you are not sure where to start when fixing your toilet, call the experienced plumbers at Rooter Man. We can assist you with anything from a simple valve installation to a brand new toilet installation. We repair and replace all different kinds of toilets. We can also inspect areas in your bathroom to make sure mold and mildew has not yet taken hold. Call us at (504) 464-0145 or reach out to us online for more information.

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