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As a community that has been impacted by hurricanes before, we know how to prepare for the storm. We buy supplies, take steps to protect our homes to minimize damage, and prep our plumbing. The bigger question is what happens after the storm. 

Once the hurricane has come and gone, connecting with your family and friends to make sure everyone is safe is always your first priority. If you have evacuated and you are able to get back to your home, there are certain things you should and should not do to keep you and your family safe. 

Call A Professional

If you notice any flooding or water damage in your home, do not try and turn on the power. Electricity and water do not mix. The first thing you should do is contact our professional plumbers so we can conduct a thorough inspection first. We check the severity of pipe damage and possible gas leaks. 

Damage Report 

We also suggest you take pictures of the state of your home, as it will help you get coverage from your insurance for damages. We will also write a damage report you can send into your insurance so that the plumbing services we have to perform are also covered. 

Water Safety 

Any flooding means the water in and around your home is contaminated water. It is not safe to use or be around. If you have water that is sealed and stored, you should drink that, or you can boil tap water if that is your only option. 

Post Storm Inspection

Major storms, like the hurricane we just went through, can actually cause shifts in the ground that affect sewer lines. If you are having issues with your toilets flushing or water and debris backing up in your bathroom and kitchen, we will inspect your sewer line for damage.  

We also look for burst or cracked pipes which require immediate attention. If you notice any leaks in your home, call us right away. Your sump pump will need to be inspected to make sure it is still able to move excess water away from the foundation of your home. 

There are many things to consider after a hurricane. We take care of any plumbing damages in your home so you can focus on helping your family and community get back on their feet. 

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