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As a fellow business owner in the Greater New Orleans area, we know the angst faced as we maintain our business in this “new normal.” And while we operate as best we can, we also look to prepare for reopening soon.

And as we get closer to that reopening of business across the Greater New Orleans area, there are a number of things to access before unlocking the doors for the public.

Are you prepared to reopen your kitchen and dining room?

Is your plumbing system ready?

Did any underlying plumbing issues arise during this time that need assessment?

Rooter Man has developed a special package that we are offering our most valuable customers – the Restaurant Reopening Package. This special package is designed to prevent plumbing problems that may have developed over the past few quarantine months. These problems could seriously impact your business operations at this most crucial time to be running at full speed.

Our highly-trained and skilled professional technicians will access your plumbing system from top to bottom to make sure all is ready for the community to return to your business.

Our technicians will:

  • Run greasy waste lines in kitchen to grease trap and outgoing line
  • Run the main sewer line from a clean out
  • Test all restrooms and run lines
  • Perform an enzyme treatment for your plumbing system
  • AND Grease trap cleaning available at the same time for a discounted rate.

Call Rooter Man today to get your business ready to reopen and welcome our community back to the table. And we are offering a special discount for this service to help all reopen.

It is important that we are all there, open and ready to bring the Greater New Orleans area back to normal and provide an experience that shows we are resilient. Let Rooter Man help get you there.




Originally $1,300 – now slashed by 20% to $1,105

Call Rooter Man today to book your reopening services.

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Discount applies to those that book in advance and secure appointment with a 20% deposit.

Price is for four hours of work. Each additional hour is $275/hr.

Costs is for service only, needed materials are extra. Subject to availability.

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