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Although cooler weather may be a welcomed break from the heat and humidity, pipes in your home can be affected by dropping temperatures. Frozen pipes are susceptible to cracks or bursts which can result in damage to your floors, walls, and furniture within your home. We want you to be prepared for sudden weather changes. 

Here are some tips on how to wrap pipes in order to keep your home and plumbing intact:

Pipe Wrap Tape

This type of tape looks very similar to duct tape. You simply wrap it around any pipes that are exposed, resulting in an extra layer of thermal protection. For step-to-step instructions, check out these steps.

Foam Pipe Insulation

These are designed to easily wrap around pipes, creating a thick layer of insulation. These are a popular choice because they are inexpensive and very easy to install on your own. The great thing about foam insulation is that it protects your pipes all year long, whether temperatures are at a high or low. 

Heat Cables

wrap pipes

heat wires wrap pipes

These cables need to be strategically wrapped around the exposed pipes, then plugged into a power source to begin warming up. A small amount of heat will be emitted which will prevent any freezing. If you choose to invest in heating cables, we recommend you have them installed by a professional. 

DIY Wrap and Insulation 

wrap pipes

towel wrap pipes

If the weather catches you off guard and you cannot purchase other materials in time, there are still some options. You can take rags and towels that you already have in your home and wrap them around exposed pipes. These should be wrapped tight and secured with duct tape.

If for any reason your pipes do freeze, go to your main valve and shut off the water supply. This will prevent your pipes from bursting. The next step is to call the professionals at Rooter Man right away. Our experts will come to your home and prevent further damage from occurring. Visit Rooter Man online, or contact us at 504-464-0145, for more information.

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