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Residents of New Orleans certainly enjoy living life to the fullest. People in this area love eating and socializing. This lifestyle is great for people but rough on local drainage systems. Things get poured down the drain that can lead to serious clogs that put a temporary stop to everyone’s good times. Some threats grow silently underneath the ground. Instead of waiting for disaster to strike, it is a better idea to take steps to do some preventive drain care. There are common reasons drains become blocked or clogged.

Grease and Food

There is no doubt about it. New Orleans natives love to cook and eat. There is always something savory cooking up on the stove. Recipes that generate grease are common. However, disposing of this grease can cause a real problem for your drains. The fact is that drains and grease do not mix well together. Hot grease is liquid, but quickly solidifies inside the drain. Once this grease hardens, water has a tough time getting through. Flushing grease down with hot water does not prevent clogs.

Smaller food remnants also find there way down into the drainage system. A garbage disposal does not prevent problems. For instance, rice expands and may accumulate to the point of causing a major clog.


Any type of paper besides toilet paper should never be flushed down the toilet. Of course, this is easier said than done. Most paper products are too thick to break down enough to make it all the way through the pipes. Instead of dissolving, they sit there and pile up.

Tree Roots

Hiding underneath the ground of many homes is a big drain danger. Tree roots can grow so expansive that they end up in your drainage pipes. When this happens it causes a very expensive emergency. The problem is that you won’t know its happening without periodic drainage inspection.

Periodic Drain Cleaning 

The best way to prevent a plumbing emergency is to implement regular drain maintenance. A trained plumbing professional can come to your home and do an inspection. When required, powerful drain clearing solutions are used to break down those clumps of debris. Likewise, growing tree roots can be quickly dissolved before they cause major damage.


In New Orleans, drains come under a lot of stress for all sorts of reasons. An emergency plumbing situation can be easily avoided with regular preventive drain care.

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