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Updated March 2022

The hurricane season in Louisiana runs between June 1 and November 30. The high winds and flooding associated with this season are a concern for most infrastructures.

During this often damaging season, make sure to protect your plumbing along with your home. Ensure that your plumbing is in good working order before a storm hits. To protect your plumbing before the winds start, you should check the following:

Drainage Problems

The heavy rain most tropical storms and hurricanes produce can damage your home’s gutter system. To ensure the water will drain as intended, clear any debris from the gutters, and check that the gutters, spouts, and drains are securely in place. Re-attach or replace anything that is loose or rusty. It is always safer to use a professional service, who can diagnose and trouble shoot problems easier.

Remember that the most severe storms can affect the inside as well as the outside of a home. Inside the home, check the drains for function by running or pouring water through them and seeing how long it takes to drain completely. If the water doesn’t drain within a few seconds, a product such as Total-C Drain Line Treatment & Conditioner (available from Rooter Man) may help, but it also might not help the problem. If so, then it is time to consider having the pipes snaked and cleaned professionally.

Have the septic tank or sewer line cleaned regularly to avoid unpleasant backups that heavy rains and flooding can cause. Main line malfunction, clogged toilets and sinks, and harsh odors from the drains are signs of a potential backup. Any evidence of a backup is reason to turn off all AC and heating units and contact a plumbing professional as soon as possible.


Cracks in the foundation of a home are not always visible, but could be the root cause of ongoing or potential flooding or plumbing issues. Walk along the perimeter of your home and check for signs of stress in the concrete at the bottom, which is the foundation’s exterior. While it’s possible to can patch visible blemishes yourself, a foundation repair specialist should assess the damage and review treatment options with you.

Professional Rooter Services in Lousiana

Backups and flooding can cause potentially irreversible damage to your home during a tropical storm or hurricane. If there are problems with your home’s drainage or foundation, contact a plumber who can help you prepare your home for what nature may bring.

Before the winds and rains is also a great time to have a professional trouble shoot your property for potential problems that may arise from hurricane season. Contact Rooter Man today.

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