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Rooter Man, New Orleans’ most trusted plumbing service, serves businesses and residents of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. They have been in business for over 37 years, so they have learned a few things about plumbing, and about customer service. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction instead of total jobs completed, there is no question why they have remained on top for so long.


Rooter Man Plumbing provides a high quality service at a very reasonable rate. Their services include hose and pipe inspection, pipe installation, repair and replacement, replacing p-traps and shut-off valves, grease trap installation, water heater installation and repair, and even more. Anything plumbing-related that one could possibly imagine, Rooter Man can do.


After 37 years, one would expect Rooter Man to be a nationwide plumbing service. This is not the case, however. Rooter Man has stayed local all these years. By doing such, they help stimulate their local economy as well as provide jobs to New Orleans area residents. Once again, it is a matter of quality over quantity. By emphasizing accurate work and focusing on the same area for almost four decades, they have become masters of the trade. Other companies have branched out much farther, and the way things typically go, they become overwhelmed, and sacrifice quality for speed.


Rooter Man has very high standards for their employees. All potential employees are subjected to background checks and drug tests. When a service technician from Rooter Man comes to your home, customers can expect a clean, pleasant plumber whom they can trust to be in their home. The Rooter Man offers up-front pricing, meaning that if a job is not within budget, they can decline before work even begins. This also means that customers will not be charged extra when a plumber runs in to an unforeseen problem, as opposed to those who charge hourly. The Rooter Man even guarantees that his products and services will fully satisfy customers, and if someone is not pleased, they will redo the work for no charge.


Same-day appointments are available, which is especially convenient when there is a major problem such as a broken pipe or commode. Even a Saint needs a working bathroom.


So whether it is time to replace the old commode in the upstairs bathroom, repair a broken water line, or for pipe cleaning or inspection, look to the highest quality professional in the area. Call Rooter Man or visit their website to set up an appointment with a real professional.

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