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In any profession, there are amateurs and those who are trained experts.  Plumbing is no exception to this rule.  When you find yourself with a plumbing problem; no matter how simple it may seem, it is always best to contact a professional plumber to assess the situation.  Most will give you a quote before beginning work, Rooter Man will for sure, so there is no risk in getting a professional opinion.  Besides, if you attempt to fix a plumbing problem, and are not a plumber, you may be doing more damage than good.


Sewer gas is very dangerous, especially if you have natural gas or propane appliances in your home or business.  Attempting to repair a small plumbing problem in this situation can not only be more detrimental to the plumbing, it can be deadly.  Should you allow sewer gas to leak into your home or business by disconnecting a sink drain or attempting a toilet repair that gas can be ignited by the pilot light in an oven or water heater and cause an explosion.  Licensed plumbers are aware of such dangers and would not put your property or themselves in a situation where sewer gas would be a hazard.  They will know if there is going to be a risk and take precautions because they are experienced plumbers and understand the dangers associated with such repairs.


Flooding of property is another costly mistake that can be made when novices attempt to undertake plumbing work.  Understanding the direction in which water flows through your house or business and which cut off will stop water to each section of your property is second nature to a licensed plumber.  Should the wrong cut off be used and water allowed to run in pipes that will be disconnected, water damage is inevitable.  There is also a risk of putting too much pressure on pipes should water be redirected or shut off to an area for an extended period of time.  Professional plumbers will work swiftly should it be necessary to avoid undue pressure on pipes or the water being completely turned off to the property for extended periods.  A plumber will also know which cut off to use for each area of your property and water damage from the repair work will not be an issue.


Trying to save money or time by doing pluming work yourself is not usually a very intelligent decision.  Always remember that there are professionals available, so do get in touch with one before you incur more costs or additional damage.

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