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For most people, a water heater is one of those things you take for granted.  As long as it’s working, it doesn’t cross your mind.  It won’t last forever, though, and there are signs that let you know it’s time to start thinking about purchasing a new one.  Rust-colored water is frequently (though not always) a sign that the inside of your water heater is deteriorating, which would suggest replacement.  Leaks around the heater can also be an indication of wear.  Another clue is simply the age of the heater: you can expect to get approximately 13 years from an electric water heater and slightly less, 11 to 13 years, for a gas heater.  If you’re starting to have problems and your heater is in that range, it’s time to begin looking at your options.


Luckily, new water heaters are frequently rated by Energy Star, and if you choose one of these models, you’ll likely qualify for rebates or incentives designed to encourage the use of energy-efficient appliances. Energy Star has a number of solutions for rated water heaters, and here is some information to help you get started on your selection process.  For electric water heaters, Energy Star recommends a heat pump.  Your upfront costs will be more, but you can expect to reduce your water bills by up to 50% after the installation.  There are frequently federal and local rebates associated with solar water heaters, helping you offset their costs.


Your choices for an Energy-Star-rated gas water heater are high-efficiency gas storage units, whole-house tankless heaters, or gas condensing heaters.  These have their individual pros and cons, but they will all reduce your water costs; the gas storage unit provides a modest savings of about 7%, but the other two options, in exchange for higher upfront costs, offer savings of approximately 30% on your monthly bill.


In Southern Louisiana, the experts at Rooter Man in Kenner can offer you useful, accurate advice on all your water heater needs.  Rooter Man has been providing its customers with proven quality water heater repair, service, and installation for more than 37 years. And, they offer something not everybody does—warranties. When you buy your traditional or tankless heater from Rooter Man, your warranty covers both parts and labor.  However, if you choose to buy your equipment elsewhere, Rooter Man warranties their labor to install your heater for you.  If you’re ready for a new water heater, and you want great service and value, call Rooter Man today.

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