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Are you thinking of buying a new or used home? Before you make such a big investment, it is a good idea to make sure the plumbing system is in working order. Plumbing problems are difficult to detect if you have never lived in or used the house. However, they can add up to costly repairs and great inconvenience if you are unaware of problems up front. Have your local plumber perform a video pipe inspection to find the problem before it creates costly damage.

Your Buying Decision

Before you buy a home, you want to make sure you know what you are getting into. Many people will only perform a minimal surface inspection on a new home only to discover problems later. If the home has significant damage to the plumbing system, sewer lines, or pipes, this may affect your decision. A plumber with video technology can inspect multiple areas of the plumbing system and tell you what problems need to be fixed or repaired. You may choose to avoid the home altogether, or work out a deal with the seller to have them repair the system before you commit.

Save Money

Buying a home is expensive, so why not try to save money wherever you can? You can save a lot of money, especially in the long-term, by getting a plumbing inspection up front. Plumbing repairs can be expensive, especially if they have been ignored for years. Small cracks and disjoints can lead to collapsed or broken pipes that are much more expensive to replace. A quick video inspection can find even the smallest cracks, so you can stop the problem from spreading.

Preventative Maintenance

Most people wait until there is an obvious problem with the plumbing before they call a plumber. However, you can save money and many headaches by addressing the problem at an early stage. Video inspection of your pipes can expose small problems like corrosion in pipes, broken pipes, misaligned pipes, and root intrusion. It is easier and less expensive to take care of problems while they are small and not wait until it results in clogged drains or flooded floors.

Future Repairs

If you are buying a used home, there is a good chance that older, cast iron pipes have accumulated rust or that plant roots have started to intrude the underground pipes. By getting a video pipe inspection and performing preventative maintenance up front, you can prevent many repairs in the future. Call Rooterman for an advanced video pipe inspection and get any plumbing repairs you need at the same time.

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