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The season of Mardi Gras has arrived! If your guests are coming to town to stay with you, you are certainly running about getting everything ready for them. You will be using your kitchen, bathrooms, and even your appliances more than usual this time of year, so don’t forget to include a brief plumbing to do list for yourself. Make an appointment with Rooter Man for routine maintenance if you have any doubts regarding the plumbing in your house. Here are some tips to prepare your plumbing for guests during Mardi Gras season.

Check for leaks and clogs 

More people bathing and using the sinks means that even a minor leak or blockage might become a major issue. If you discover a leak, investigate the source of the water and attempt to tighten any fittings or pipe joints that could be the issue. And if needed, you can have your pipes inspected using video technology.

Check the hot water heater in your home

With more people, a lot more hot water will be needed. Consider raising the water’s temperature carefully if needed. A warm shower is one of the most soothing things you can do, so be sure your hot water heater can provide for you and your visitors.

Clean your drains 

Cleaning your drains will not only prevent your sink from overflowing but also ensure that visitors trying to take a shower won’t be in standing water. If you are aware of any trouble spots, such as the guest bathroom sink or shower, clean your drains right away to guarantee that water flows smoothly when visitors come. 

After the Guests Arrive 

You’ve made every effort to be ready for your visitors. You may need to keep an eye on a few plumbing-related issues while they are staying with you.

Before and after meals, you should keep an eye on the sink to make sure nothing improper is in the garbage disposal. Remind yourself that things like oil, coffee grounds, potato peels, egg shells, and fibrous vegetables don’t belong in the sink. If your visitors will be in the kitchen, make sure they have this information. 

There are many reasons why toilets clog, but the most crucial thing to remember is that visitors are used to their own restrooms and could unintentionally clog yours since they don’t know what yours can and cannot handle. Have a plunger ready to tackle these issues.  

Give Rooter Man a call if you prefer not to deal with bathroom and other plumbing issues on your own. We will make sure your Mardi Gras party is focused on fun, not plumbing.   

No matter your plumbing issue, call the experts at Rooter Man. We are a Local Full Service Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Company.  Our expert plumbers have served New Orleans, Metairie, LaPlace, Mandeville, Covington, and all surrounding areas for over 37 Years. We are conveniently located at 2545 Delaware Avenue in Kenner, LA 70062. Call us today (504) 464-0145. 

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