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Water heaters have a life expectancy.  The average is 7 to 10 years, however, water quality and usage will affect these times, so you may have questions as to whether to replace your water heater or just have someone do a repair.  Plumbers like those at Rooter Man in New Orleans can answer those questions, do the repair, or suggest a comparable replacement.  So, you know you have options should you have a water heater issue.


Running out of hot water quicker than usual, or receiving no hot water at all, shows there is a problem with your water heater.  Determining the age, or if this is a continual problem, will decide if you should repair or replace.  If you have a water heater that has elements, the problem is most likely a faulty element.  Should you have a water heater with a pilot light, however, it could be flickering or have gone out completely.  Either way, a call to a plumber will get to the root of the problem and may even get the repair done in the same day.  Rooter Man will not charge extra for time spent after hours either, so in the Kenner area, call them.  Elements are usually easily replaced, so in that instance, a repair may be the way to proceed.


A replacement water heater will be more expensive than a repair; however, if your water heater is old, the money you save by getting a new, more efficient model will pay for the new water heater over time.  Efficiency ratings are regulated by the government and must be met each year as new products are launched, so that alone could be a reason to replace an old water heater.  There are also options of tankless water heaters, solar powered water heaters, and incentives to switch from gas to electric and vise versa, so investigate these options before purchasing.  Rooter Man can explain tax credits and other local incentives given by power companies, or the Parrish themselves, for buying energy efficient or alternative energy appliances.


Either way, should you decide to proceed, do some research and contact a plumber before spending your hard-earned money.  The expense of a new water heater may be more than you can handle, so a repair may be what you need to do.  If a repair is out of the question though, and you must replace your water heater, consider all the options and then recycle the old unit.  Contact Rooter Man for details about replacement, repair, and recycling.

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