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Finding a plumber that can quickly respond to emergencies is important. The plumbing of a building may function properly for a very long time without any major problems. Sometimes, though, things go wrong and go wrong all at once. A burst pipe can be a costly problem. This cost can be reduced by knowing who to call when you want service as instantly as possible. Here are some questions to ask when looking for an emergency plumber.


Are they licensed and insured?
It pays to ask if a plumber is licensed. In Louisiana, all plumbers must be licensed and fully insured. There is nothing wrong with asking to see copies of both of these documents, so you are reassured that you are getting a real professional. If a plumber tells you he is licensed, but will do uninsured work for cheaper, find another plumber. Rooter Man has been licensed an insured for more than 37 years, providing quality emergency plumbing services in the New Orleans area.


What is your response time?
Some plumbers will have more staff and vehicles than others, or be closer to your home or business. Either one of these factors can drastically change a plumbers response time. The longer it takes them to get there, the greater the cost of damages to your home or business.


Are there any extra fees for emergency services?
Some plumbers may charge an extra fee for emergency plumbing services. Make sure you are aware of all fees involved. It may be that there is a greater fee per hour for emergency calls.  In some cases there may be a flat fee for a house call, even if the plumber does little or nothing. At Rooter Man, to save you money, we charge absolutely no extra fees for work done after our normal business hours.


What kind of warranty on parts and labor does the plumber offer?
It is important for a customer to have peace of mind by knowing that the services they pay for are covered in the case of any malfunction. Usually the manufacturer of plumbing parts is liable for the replacement of their parts, while the plumber should warranty his labor. It is important to ask about warranties up front. If a plumber will not warranty his work for very long, it may be time to find another one. Rooter Man backs all of our work and labor with the longest warranty in the plumbing industry.

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