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At Rooter Man we have many customers call who have received a significantly higher water bill than usual.  Most customers are unaware that a leak is occurring somewhere in their home until the bill arrives.  We reassure them that we can help, but there are a few simple things they can do to determine if it is a water leak.  Try these things while you wait for a licensed plumber to arrive.

  1. Turn all water using appliances OFF.  This includes inside and outside the house.  Some examples of water using appliances are showers, sinks, washing machines, sprinkler systems, hoses, ice-makers and water heaters.
  2. Go to the water meter outside it should have a hand that moves clockwise and/or numbers that roll in an upward direction
  • If the hand is spinning and the numbers are moving you have a water leak
  • If the hand is not spinning and numbers are not moving make note of the position (take a picture with your cell phone) and check back in about 10 minutes.  If the numbers have changed and the and position has changed you have a slow leak
  •  If nothing has changed the large increase in water use is probably not a leak, but   calling a licensed plumber to verify your results is always the best alternative

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