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Root intrusion is a very common reason for a sewer line backup. The good news is, if taken care of on a regular basis, your sewer will not be affected. 

When left untreated, roots can cause major damage to pipes, resulting in cracking and the collapse of a sewer line. 

How Does Root Intrusion Happen?

Simply put, roots work their way into a sewer line system and result in line back-ups. The roots then form barriers that catch debris and cause a blockage due to restricted sewage flow. All pipes, especially Terra cotta pipes, are susceptible to tree root intrusion. Sewer lines carry water, and tree roots are attracted to it. 

What Are the Signs of Root Intrusion?

Root intrusion is best diagnosed by one of our professional plumbers. There are certain things you should be aware of, so you know when to call our plumbers for help. These signs include: slow draining of sinks, tubs and toilets, sinkholes on your property, bad odors inside and outside your home, and collapsed or broken pipes.  

Root X 

At Rooter Man, our plumbers have the tools and experience to clear your sewer line system, ridding it of any root infiltration. We use Root X to take care of your sewer line because it kills roots on contact. Root X forces roots to decay and are then carried out through the pipe. It is a simple and highly effective solution that is completed in minutes. Root X is also formulated to keep roots from coming back. 

Why Do We Use Root X?

Root X is not only highly effective, it is non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic. It carries the lowest chemical hazard rating compared to other chemicals, making it much safer for the environment. Since Root X stays within the sewer lines, which means it will not affect the trees around it. Your lines will stay clear for 12 months before another treatment is needed. 

For additional information about Root X and our plumbing services, contact our team at Rooter Man today!


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