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Everyone knows that plumbers can be expensive, so if inspecting with a video camera can save a few dollars, then by all means, that is the way to proceed. The services provided by Rooter Man include video pipe inspection, which can be very beneficial.


Video pipe inspection is performed using a small camera that is mounted on a flexible cable and inserted into an access pipe. It then sends video back to a screen that is viewed by the plumber and homeowner if requested. This video can also be recorded and viewed at a later time, or multiple times to be sure all problems exposed are addressed and repaired. It is best that the plumbing lines are clear, as the camera does not transmit as well underwater, but if standing water is found it is most likely an area that needs to be examined further.


Finding problem areas where there is standing water or a clog is only one of the advantages of video pipe inspection. This process can also be used as a preventative measure to see cracks or areas where potential leaks could occur in the future. Since there is a view of the inside of the pipes, all issues, even rust or buildup in traps, can be seen and fixed. New construction also benefits from video inspection should there be a fear that pipes were broken or cracked when the foundation was poured. Building inspectors can double-check the plumbers’ work before signing the permit approving the plumbing.


Another benefit of video inspection of pipes deals with lost jewelry. If you have ever dropped a diamond earring or your wedding band down the drain, you know it can be heartbreaking. A video of your pipes can show the exact location of your precious possession and make it easy to retrieve. This attribute of video pipe inspection pays for itself because only one area of plumbing has to be disassembled to rescue the lost jewels. Who knows, it may even save a marriage or long-term relationship.


The video pipe inspection procedure saves money and time for both the plumber and customer.  Clogs, areas of concern, or future problems can be observed with very little invasion and a plan to remedy the situation can be determined. The depth sensor on the video equipment will also inform all parties how extensive the repair will have be and the best approach for the fastest and least expensive cure.

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