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If you are looking for an experienced and dedicated residential plumber in the Northshore or New Orleans area, we at Rooterman are ready to bring 37 years of hard-earned plumbing skills right to your doorstep. Rooterman makes excellence in plumbing routine and affordable to the average customer. We offer upfront, reasonable rates and do not charge extra for after-hour or Saturday work. We understand that plumbing problems are often an emergency and so keep ourselves on-call at your convenience seven days a week.

Expert Staff

Our expert staff has the know-how to solve all of your plumbing problems promptly. We can quickly examine your leaky faucet and repair or replace it as needed. We can resolve any issues with your shut off valves or water supply lines, and we can clean and fix a malfunctioning hot water heater. Is your garbage disposal acting up? Are you experiencing difficulties with your washing machine hose or your dish washer connections? Is your toilet not flushing properly? There is no need to fret- Rooterman is on the job and fully capable of handling all of those scenarios and more.

Residential Plumber at Rooterman

A good plumber needs to have the expertise that help him understand all the complexities of a modern home’s water system. He must interpret blueprints of the supply lines, waste outlets, appliance locations, and all of the various fixtures involved. A modern residential plumber must be able to use the most advanced modern equipment to diagnose the cause of each snag that arises and thwarts the optimal use of a home water system. He must also have the tools and knowledge to measure, cut, bend, and thread pipes, join pipes together with strong, durable fittings, and test pipes for leaks using air and water pressure gauges. Besides all these task-related capabilities, the residential plumber must be aware of the legal and safety issues accompanying plumbing work.


We bring to the Northshore all of the above skills. We are fully licensed, fully insured, and fully trained. We understand local Northshore and southern Louisiana building codes and adhere to them down to the minutia. We are also certified by the state of Louisiana to conduct plumbing inspections, so we can check on your plumbing to make sure it is in top condition as well as fix any problem areas or weaknesses detected. Finally, we not only inspect and repair old pipe systems, but also install new pipes and new plumbing appliances. We are your all-in-one choice that will meet all of your home plumbing needs.

Not only do we offer great services, but we also provide the best warranties available in the industry today. For example, we offer long warranties on parts and labor for all water heaters (tank-less and traditional) that we install. If you provide the water tank yourself, we still cover our labor with a generous warranty. Seniors and military members enjoy discounts when choosing our plumbing company, and there are valuable coupons available to all on our website. Thus, we combine affordability, long-lasting guarantees, and patriotic discounts with our top-quality service. Note also that only the best equipment and most superior methods are used because we care about doing the job right the first time and building a large, enduring base of fully satisfied customers.

Residential Plumbing on the Northshore

Contact us today, and we can come to your home and locate the problem, give you an upfront estimate, and get started on eliminating your plumbing woes right away. Call us at one of two phone numbers: (504) 230-0577 or (985) 247-9833. Alternatively, get a quick quote by filling out and submitting our online form. We look forward to hearing from you and serving you.


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