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It’s no picnic when pipes burst and water overflows onto floors, furniture, merchandise and personal belongings. However, people looking for a plumber in Metairie can look to Rooterman to fix leaky pipes and other plumbing problems.

Top-Notch Plumbers

Rooterman, an established plumber in Metairie, has 37 years of experience and uses top-notch commercial and residential plumbers who use the latest technology to take care of their customers’ plumbing. Whether the job is interior or exterior or under a slab or not, the company’s skilled technicians provide courteous, on-time service and get the job done.
The company stands behind its products and services and offers to redo the job free of charge if the customer is not satisfied. The company offers military and senior citizen discounts and some of the longest warranties on parts and labor in the plumbing business.It installs conventional and tankless hot water heaters, of course. And even if the customer supplies the hot water heater and parts, the company will still warranty its labor.


Plumbing at Rooterman

The company’s plumbers are available 24 hours a day seven days a week for residential and commercial service. Offering a wide range of services, the company can install hot water heaters, check for and repair gas leaks and more. Rooterman recommends that businesses and homeowners regularly have the backflow valves on their structures checked.

Backflow Experts

The backflow system delivers clean water to people while disposing of waste water. Backflow problems can lead to health problems because the backflow preventer stops waste water from flowing back into drinking water. In fact, many parishes in Louisiana require properties to have a backflow preventer. Rooterman inspects, repairs and replaces these important systems.

Local Pipe Repair Experts in New Orleans

Pipes that leak and drains that drip need to be taken care of to avoid bigger problems. The company’s plumbers use the most recent video technology to show and explain to the customer what’s wrong with the pipe before they begin to repair it. And when videos do not identify the problem, the company uses the smoke test. In it, smoke coming from a drain indicates a leak or separation.


This plumber in Metairie gets the required permits and documents to install new water meters and then makes sure that the documentation is filed with the appropriate parish. In fact, Rooterman routinely performs jobs to code, which insures that the job is done right.

These southern Louisiana plumbers unstop clogged drains and can perform preventative maintenance that keeps them from stopping up again. And when tree roots make their way into a drain, sewer line or septic system, property owners will do well to call Rooterman, which will use the chemical Root-X to kill the roots. The company is cautious about the products it uses, and it notes that Root-X is classified as a General Use product by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and has been approved for use in all 50 states. It has the lowest chemical hazard rating as set by experts who rate chemicals used for this purpose.

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