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Crawfish season is here, which means it’s time to get together with friends and family over a crawfish boil. After you’ve enjoyed these tiny crustaceans, potatoes and corn-the-cob, you have a mess on your hands. Knowing how to dispose of your boil properly is important. 

For starters, keep crawfish shells OUT OF YOUR SINKS AND DRAINS

Real garbage disposal cloggers in our seafood rich area that wouldn’t surprise you are: shrimp peels, crawfish, fish bones and chicken bones. These items should never go in your garbage disposal.  When using your garbage disposal, a simple rule of thumb is for every solid you send down the garbage disposal, you must use 10 times the water with it to wash it down the drain to help prevent a clog.

Also, dumping peels and boil water into the waterway can harm and kill the aquatic species living there. The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality reminds us each year.

In addition to being harmful for the environment, you should be aware that dumping boil water into a storm drain is against the law. It goes directly to lakes, rivers, and streams. Getting caught doing this is not the way you want to end your crawfish boil party. 

Here are the best ways to dispose of crawfish shells: 

  1. You can bury them on your property. If you are into gardening, this an environmentally-friendly composting option. It will add nutrients and oxygen to your soil.
  2. Double-bag crawfish peels and place them directly into your trash. Make sure it is sealed tight so no critters are tempted to go through your trash.
  3. If you are part of the city sewage system, it is okay to drain the boil water down the sink because your wastewater treatment system can handle it. Just make sure it is only the water and nothing else. 

Safe disposal of crawfish boils is the best way to protect the lakes, rivers, and aquatic life around us. It also allows us to continue this tradition far into the future.

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