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The Most Common Causes of Water Leaks

Water can be wasted through leaks, which can also harm your house and promote unwelcome organic development. Unfortunately, much of the pipes in your house are hidden, so you might not always be aware that a leak has developed. Knowing what leads to leak development and having regular inspections done are the best ways to safeguard your house from leaks in the future.

Here we list and explain eight of the most common causes of water leaks. 

Damaged Seals

All water hookups are professionally sealed by the contractor when your appliances are installed. The seal on your appliances might wear out or crack over time. You could have a cracked seal if you see condensation on your appliance or puddles nearby.

Clogged Lines 

Certain obstructions might result in overflowing or burst pipes. For instance, obstacles in your gutters or air handler drain pans can result in significant water damage. To avoid major obstructions, keep your HVAC system and gutters clean.

Corrosion Over Time

Rust and other types of corrosion may erode the pipes in your plumbing system as it becomes older. Have a plumber evaluate the damage as soon as you see any discoloration or warping on your pipes. Consider replacing the pipes with a high risk of corrosion with newer types if your plumbing system is outdated. You should also check for a possible corroded water heater tank or a cracked water heater tank. Your water heater is prone to issues with the pressure relief valve when there are leaks. 

Broken Pipe Joints 

The weakest link in a line is frequently where your pipes join. Pipe joints may weaken with time, leading to leaks. Unfortunately, the majority of pipe junctions are difficult to see. Most likely, your pipe joints are under a lot of strain if you have loud pipes that produce a ticking or banging noise, especially when you turn on the hot water. Every year, have a plumber inspect your system.

Water Pressure 

While having high water pressure might be enjoyable, uneven pressure can put strain on your pipes. Most faucets and pipelines are only capable of withstanding a certain amount of water pressure. Leaks might result from any added pressure. Have the pressure measured by a specialist if you’re worried.

Tree Roots

Some of the most frequent water leaks begin outside your house as opposed to inside. For instance, tree roots invading water pipes might result in moisture leaking into your yard. Have a plumber check for incursion if you discover any new damp spots or sinkholes in your yard, observe a sudden decline in water pressure, or have trees growing close to your house.

Loose Connections 

Sometimes the hoses and pipes that provide water to your appliances loosen and leak. Shifting frequently causes loose water hookups to develop. For instance, the shaking that occurs during the spin cycle of your washing machine may cause the hose to leak. You could see water dripping directly from the supply line or puddles collecting close to the appliance if you have a water connection leak.

Temperature Changes

Your pipes may be forced to expand and shrink by sudden, significant temperature fluctuations. Particularly when brought on by cold conditions, this expansion and contraction may cause the pipes to break. Pay close attention to how your plumbing functions when there are extreme weather changes. 

Call a Professional 

Contact Rooter Man if you’ve noticed a rise in your water bill, a musty smell near a drain, a change in the way the water flows, or any other indication that there is an active leak. We can locate and fix leaks anywhere in your home. 

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