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So you’re in the middle of your shower one morning and all of a sudden, the water turns cold. You hop out and go to examine the water heater. After confirming that the heater is set at the appropriate temperature, you try to run the water again. There still is no warm water. You quickly get dressed and call Rooterman for assistance, and after a thorough inspection, the repairman relays the news: you need a new water heater install.

Besides the initial shock of needing to replace a major appliance, you feel the panic that is associated with replacing an important component of your everyday life. How do you choose a water heater that you can trust? Here are a few suggestions.

Determine Your Wants and Needs

This may seem intuitive, but it might require further analysis. How much hot water do you and your family use on a daily basis? Do you need one heater or two? Do you want a tankless water heater or a traditional setup? Ask yourself these questions, and your answers will help you narrow the choices. When you work with Rooterman, we already took some of the guesswork out of picking a new water heater. For example, we provide the product, accessories, and installation services you need to complete the project from start to finish.

Ask for a Professional Opinion

A knowledgeable industry expert will be more than happy to help, especially when you hire a Rooterman plumber. We offer complete water heater packages with Bradford White Water Heaters. We agree with the brand promise; they are built to be the best. A friendly repair person will be able to tell you the basics of the water heater system and some pros for picking the ones we offer.

Choose a Company that Offers Warranties

Undoubtedly, the bested benefit of choosing to receive a water heater install from Rooterman is the guaranteed parts and labor. We offer a full warranty on the systems we install, which offers the added benefit of peace of mind. All of our installations are flawless and efficient. You will be able to shower with hot water again in no time when you choose a water heater from our company.

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