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When the time comes to update and remodel your bathroom be sure to include a plumbing contractor in your budget.  Having a professional plumber assist with a bathroom remodel is necessary for many reasons.  Meeting or exceeding residential plumbing building codes is the major reason, but also to assist in relocation of services and the proper installation of pipes and cut off valves to maintain safety in the new bath.  New bathroom plumbing and the correct performance of the new fixtures and components depends on a professional consultation.


Building codes are very important for safety around water.  A bathroom is a place where many people are injured or killed because of mishaps with water and electricity being in such close proximity.   By meeting or exceeding the latest building codes you will not only ensure safety in your new bathroom, you will also retain all the value that the updated bath adds to your home.  By attempting to remodel without consulting a plumber you run the risk of having to rebuild the bath because of code issues or a dangerous situation.  Plumbers are also up to date on the necessary bathroom electrical specifications and can recommend a licensed electrician should you need additional assistance.


Relocating a toilet and a sink in a bathroom remodel may seem possible, but a plumber will have to be consulted to be certain you have the space and facilities available for such a swap.  Plumbing for each piece is extremely different and new piping and accesses will have to be installed.  A plumbing consultant will be able to access the services you have available, estimate what new services will have to be installed, and give you a price for the whole process to keep you within budget.  They will also be able to inform you upfront if the relocation of services is even possible.  Small crawl spaces under the home or other restrictions with a foundation may limit the relocation of sewer pipes, for instance.


Involving a plumbing consultant may also save you money on your new fixtures and components.  Plumbers are able to buy wholesale through distribution houses that are not open to the public, so prices are lower and the selection is different.  Many plumbers will also include pickup and delivery of all your new bathroom fittings in their price for doing the work.  This is another budgetary assistance that will usually come with installation guarantees and warranties not offered should you attempt to remodel and install everything on your own.  Obviously, plumbing consultants are necessary for a successful bathroom remodel.

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