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January is National Bath Safety Month where we remind parents to take all necessary precautions during bath time. Here are some ways you can make your baby’s bath time enjoyable, safe, and stress-free. 


Did you know that the bathroom is where the majority of injuries to young children occur? The bathtub is where nearly two-thirds of those injuries take place.


When to Start Baths 

You decide how often to bathe your baby in the bathtub after their umbilical cord falls out. Many babies find the water calming, which makes bathing a great way to inspire your baby’s senses while soothing them. 



Never leave your child alone in the bathtub. Infant and young children need constant supervision around water, even in the bath. Before bath time begins, gather all necessary items to avoid leaving your baby alone in the tub. This might consist of diapers, soap, towels, lotion, and a change of clothes. If bath time is interrupted by someone at the door or the phone ringing, wrap them in a towel and take them with you. A moment of distraction can easily lead to an accident. 


Prevent Falls 

A wet tile floor or bathtub can be extremely slippery. On the floor next to the tub and on the bottom of the tub, place a non slip mat or rug. During bath time, this will keep you and your baby safe. After every bath, dry the tub and wipe up any water that spilled around it.


Bath Water Temperature 

The water temperature should be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Infants and small children only need to be bathed in two or three inches of water during a bath. Before putting your child in the water, stick your hand and wrist into the water to check the temperature to ensure it has reached the right level.


Shampoos and Soaps

When choosing the right soap for your baby, look for ones that don’t contain dyes or perfume. Potential issues like irritation to the skin can occur with brands that are not specifically designed for babies. Lather the appropriate soap into a washcloth before using it in the bath. Many baby products are also tear-free, so if soap does get in their eye it will not harm them. 


Other Safety Measures for the Bathroom 

As children get older and become more mobile and independent, you should be aware of all the other dangers a child could face in the bathroom. Using safety devices and child locks will keep them out of cabinets that contain things like medication. Make sure that your child cannot reach cleaning supplies or cosmetics. Also, keep electric appliances and items like razors out of reach or locked up.  


Being a parent requires round-the-clock work. Making sure your bathroom is safe for your children by taking these precautions means you can truly enjoy bath time without worry. If there are any issues with your bath drains, water temperature, or fixtures, give Rooter Man a call. We want to ensure your bathroom is safe for you and your family. 


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