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A commonly overlooked area of home maintenance is the quality and sturdiness of your plumbing. Normally, the only time you think about the maze of pipes connecting you to fresh water and waste disposal are when they stop doing what they were designed to do. This is a common, but incorrect mindset to have when it comes to your plumbing. One small plumbing mishap can lead to thousands of dollars-worth of damage to your home, or it could send you and your family to the hospital. The latter circumstance normally happens when you neglect to have your home regularly checked for backflow issues. For backflow inspections in New Orleans, call Rooterman to make sure the job is done right the first time.

Keeping Your Water Clean

Backflow Inspections in New Orleans

Having potable water come out of the tap is a luxury you don’t truly appreciate until it’s gone. There are a number of ways your clean water supply can become contaminated, but normally the problem has to deal with backflow issues. In water supply systems, the water is typically maintained at a certain pressure that enables water to flow from the tap or shower as demanded. However, sometimes a loss in this pressure can cause contaminated water from the ground, a storage source, or other places to be drawn up into the clean supply. Some instances that can cause backflow to happen:

  • Pipes freezing
    Water main bursting
    High demand on water system

Backflow may seem like a distant problem, but its far better to be safe than sorry when your family’s health and safety are concerned. Contaminated water is a major health concern, which is why backflow inspections and preventative devices are so important.

Repair, Inspect, Maintain

At Rooterman, we specialize in backflow issues. Our normal solution is to install a backflow preventer, a check valve that stops contaminated water from entering the potable water supply. Many Louisiana parishes require that this system be inspected regularly for issues that can crop up through wear and tear with any plumbing system. Licensed plumbers are tasked with completing a backflow inspection to check that the system is maintaining the correct pressure, is up to code, and is without any sort of leakage. Whether we’re inspecting your pipes for backflow issues, repairing your backflow preventor, or replacing the unit altogether, you can be sure that Rooterman will have your best interests at heart. That’s why we give pricing upfront before any actual work is performed.


Backflow Inspections in New Orleans

Rooterman should be your first choice when it comes to backflow inspections in New Orleans because of our history of impeccable service. We service New Orleans and all surrounding areas, including Metairie, Kenner, Covington, Laplace, Mandeville, Slidell, and the Westbank. Contact us today at 504-230-0577 or 985-247-9833 for a Backflow Inspection today!

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