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In New Orleans, being prepared for hurricane season is something we have to do every year. Your plumbing should always be included in your preparation. Protecting your home means protecting your pipes. Our services prepare your plumbing for hurricane season and protect your home before the next storm hits. 

There are certain things you can do to prep your home. Here are some tips we recommend:

  1. Identifying tree roots that are affecting your plumbing and having them removed if necessary. 
  2. Keeping gutters clear of debris so water can flow freely and be directed away from your home. You may need to repair or replace your gutter system if it is rusty, corroded or has lost its structural integrity.   
  3. Checking that your drains are free of clogs. Our snake cleaning service will clear them of any built up debris. 
  4. Ensuring your sump pump is working and is free of clogs. 
  5. Being aware of how to turn off your main water line should you need to leave your home. 
  6. Preventing backups by having your septic tank or sewer lines cleaned

Our experts can take care of all your plumbing preparations. This is an ideal time to have your plumbing system inspected and repaired. We also take the time to show you where your water line is located and how to turn it off. 

What To Do During A Storm

Make sure you buy and store plenty of drinking water. You should also take the time to fill your bath tub so you can continue to use and flush your toilet. Turn off your main water pipe line. This ensures your water doesn’t become contaminated. You should also turn off your water heater to alleviate unnecessary pressure on your plumbing system. Minimizing your water usage will keep your sump pump working effectively. 

What To Do After The Storm

When it is safe and the storm has passed. Our services will clear your gutters of debris. We will inspect your plumbing to make sure it hasn’t been damaged. If you notice sewage backing up in your toilets, bathtub and sinks, or bubbles when you flush, call us right away. This should be taken care of by one of our professionals. 

To learn more about how to prepare your plumbing for hurricane season, contact Rooter Man today!

We have seen and dealt with all kinds of hurricane damage. We know how to best protect your home and maintain it before and after a storm. 


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