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You probably don’t think much about tree roots.


If you’re a homeowner around parts of Louisiana, like Slidell or Mandeville, you may have encountered tree roots in some unexpected places, like in your pipes or septic system. It’s true… trees have sophisticated root systems that will dig around in search of moisture and find even the tiniest cracks in your pipes. They’ll settle in and feed until they’ve created a beast whose massive roots grow to block the pipe between the septic tank and your house, or just grow right into your tank and drainage field. By the time you realize something is wrong—say, the septic tank is backing up into the house—the damage may already be considerable.


It’s always recommended that you just not plant trees anywhere near your septic tank, but obviously you would have thought of that already had it been an option. Most likely, the property you bought already had the trees, and maybe even the system, and you have to work with what you have right now. So, if the trees are already there and you can’t do anything about them, it may be worth planting a root barrier system—you can dig a narrow trench a foot or two from the tank and bury the barrier deep enough that the roots can’t get past it and go feed on your septic tank. Where before you might have had to chop down one of those big, old beautiful trees, instead you, the tree, and the septic tank can all coexist peacefully.


But if the damage has already been done, or it’s starting, you need bigger guns. Trees don’t like growing in soil that has copper sulfate in it, and many do-it-yourself guides will tell you how to direct copper sulfate into the soil around the tree’s roots, discouraging those roots from taking up residence in the contaminated soil; other treatment systems kill the roots entirely.


If you think you’ve got a tree root problem, but you don’t want to be out in your leach field with something called copper sulfate, just call Rooter Man. Rooter Man’s been serving Greater New Orleans and surrounding areas for over 37 years, and their RootX root killer also inhibits new root growth for up to a year. You won’t have roots in your septic system for long with Rooter Man.

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