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Your toilet is clogged….why?

At a recent meeting of Rooter Man Technicians and Plumbers it was agreed upon that the following five things caused 95% of toilet clog problems…do any of them sound familiar to you?

1.   Toys: Kids toys don’t go down toilets well, agreed?

2.   Baby Wipes: Baby wipes are a bit more durable than toilet paper, so when they are flushed down a toilet consistently, there will be a clog.

3.   Toilet paper: Sounds ironic, right? Toilet paper, in moderation, doesn’t clog toilets….toilet paper in huge amounts clogs toilets, nuff said.

4.   Last: Feminine products: They may say on the directions that they’re flushable, but we know better. We unclog toilets from feminine products every day

5.   The little wire hangers that hold toilet deodorizers. We find these all the time.

So when the situation arises, Rooter Man is ready to unclog your toilet or drain. Just give us a call at 504-262-8222.


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