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What are the biggest enemies of garbage disposals?

In a recent meeting at Rooter Man with all the Drain Technicians and Plumbers, the unanimous answer was: EGG SHELLS! But, soon after egg shells other things came up: Rice, Spaghetti, Celery (fibrous vegetables), potato and carrot peels. These are the innocent things that can clog garbage disposals if not put down the drain in moderation.

Real garbage disposal cloggers in our seafood rich area that wouldn’t surprise you are: Shrimp peels, crawfish, fish bones and chicken bones. These items should never go in your garbage disposal.  When using your garbage disposal, a simple rule of thumb is for every solid you send down the garbage disposal, you must use 10 times the water with it to wash it down the drain to help prevent a clog.

Another suggestion that sounds strange but can keep your disposal running in tip top shape is to put ice cubes down it once a month. Ice cubes will sharpen the blades and actually help clean the disposal on the way down.

Lastly, its best to always use cold water in a garbage disposal.

Please call our office at 504-262-8222 for more information or to have your garbage disposal unclogged today.

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